Additional Inspection Services:

In addition to a home inspection, you might be looking to have other inspections that are outside the scope of a home inspection. I offer these additional services:

Radon Test: Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that is common to find in a home in the Twin Cities metro area. Long term exposure to higher than recommended radon levels can lead to lung cancer. To test the radon levels in a home, a continuous radon monitor is left in the house for 48 hours. A report is generated and typically emailed the same day the monitor is picked up.  Fee: $215

Sewer Inspection: Even though I run water through all the fixtures of the home during a home inspection, there can still be issues with the main sewer line that just can’t been seen during a home inspection. During a sewer inspection a special camera run through the main sewer line all the way to the city connection (if possible). A report and video are generated and delivered by 8AM the next day. Fee: $225

Chimney Inspections: Only certain areas of a fireplace and chimney can be viewed during a home inspection. Whenever a house changes hands, the National Fire Protection Association a Level II examination of the chimney flue. Similar to the sewer scope, a special camera is run through the flue to get a bird’s eye view of the flue liner or tiles. Issues are documented and a report is generated within 24 hours. Fee: $225

Mold Screening: Three air samples are taken a report is generated within 72 hours. Fee: $395 (Note: each additional air sample is $125).

Water Test: This is a standard water test for bacteria and nitrates. The report is delivered within 24 hours. Fee: $150